3 Simple Weight Lifting Injury Prevention Tips

You know the old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? Well, there is a reason why that has long been considered words of wisdom. In the gym, I cannot stress how important preventing Weight Lifting injury is, especially when most of us don’t expect or think we’re going to get injured weight lifting.

 No one goes to the gym planning to get injured, but the truth is that injuries can and do sometimes occur. Injuries at the gym can be costly, in terms of progress, pain and even money. So make sure you need some of the tips below to prevent weight lifting injuries.

Warm-Up and Stretch to Weight Lifting Injury

Weight Lifting Injury

This is the first step that anybody should take before going under the weights. It is simple, easy and great for injury prevention. 
Your muscles and joints become a lot more vulnerable if you do not properly warm up and stretch before working out. 

As you loosen up your muscles by stretching and even lubricate your joints by warming up, the chance of injury or long-term harm is greatly reduced. 

In addition, stretching between sets flushes out lactic acid and byproducts while bringing in fresh nutrients, thus aiding your strength for your next set. Finally, even the post-stretching slightly helps you recover faster between workouts.
It makes no sense not to!

Controlled Reps:

Controlled Reps:

A lot of people tend to think weight lifting for size gains is a process in which to get as much weight up as possible regardless of form. I often see people bouncing the weight off their chest and arching their backs so heavily that everyone around them knows they are lifting too heavy for their own good.
  • Sometimes, we just have to take a blow to our ego and accept that we have to do a little less.
  • The most important thing is form – which includes mind-muscle connection and slow controlled reps to squeeze the muscle and to ensure that your muscles are doing the work, not the momentum.

So that means no bouncing and no jerking if you want to seriously prevent injuries and even improve your muscle gains.

Recovery from weight lifting injury


This is an important part of any bodybuilding process that is often overlooked by overzealous newbies. Many lifting injuries occur over a long period of time as problems build up over months or even possibly years.

  • By not allowing a joint to rest, pushing it constantly over months, will make weight lifting injury all the more likely. 
  • By listening to your body and giving it time to rest and recover after a long period of intense workouts, you’re doing yourself a favor. 
  • For long term success, you have to realize that you are a human being and you do need to take a break.

 So if you’re elbows are aching, or knees feel funny, take a week off – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

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